22 Dec

Buying of a new house either for renting purposes or for you and your family is one of the most exciting processes. It does however have its own challenges. This article will guide you on what you should consider before purchasing.

If you intend to get a much better deal, a new off-plan house, which means before the completion of a building, could be the best option. The price will be highly determined by the number of people interested in buying. When it comes to this matter it is always best to compare the prices with other developments that offer almost the same house plan. Also, do seek advice from a local real estate agent. He/she will best guide you because of his/her familiarity and knowledge of the place and the houses price rates.

Show homes or units are one of the ways developers showcase their possible outcome to their potential clients. This should not be the pivot point of determining your decision to buy. You should also consider the natural lighting of the house and the level of noise the house is exposed to. Determine if the space provided will accommodate all the furniture you intend to have. Also, check if there are any inbuilt wardrobes in the bedroom and determine if you are okay if they are present or not.

It is very important to have a community in your surroundings. This is the reason why you should always confirm how many potential neighbors have purchased houses in your surrounding blocks. If you are in need of social amenities check if there are any schools, hospitals or shopping complexes nearby. 

Before you decide on purchasing the house, it is always important to confirm if the developer is part of a warranty scheme. This is will be to your advantage because it guarantees that the houses for sale Strathpine is being built to meet all the standards that are provided. It also guarantees a resolution of the third party in case of any disagreements. Always ensure that the warranty provided is recognized and that you also understand all the cover it offers.

Determine your payment plan. If you intend to use a mortgage plan, you are then advised not to be haste in changing jobs before your home is complete. This is because most mortgages come with a three to six months shelf life. If your shelf life runs out before the completion of your home, you will be forced to re-apply.  This could be to your disadvantage because most lenders reject you on the second application. See page for better understanding.

For further details, visit - http://www.dictionary.com/browse/real-estate 

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